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Valuing your Memories

A lot of people wonder, including myself in the past, why should I pay so much for pictures?? There is no simple answer because everyone is different. What it comes down to is how much do you value your memories, whether it's your wedding day or 10th family portrait. I myself had a horrific experience with my own wedding photography. I was trying to cut costs and in turn was quite disappointed. I had my fists in the air screaming "why, God, why?", not really but you get my drift. As the old saying goes "you get what you pay for." 

If you value your memories than you should invest in someone who values their work. If you compare different photographers to let's say Craigslist photographers you'll see a difference. You can almost taste the desperation oozing through the screen, too much? Anyway, a person who values their work puts a lot of time, energy and creativity in their craft. They are constantly learning new things and changing with the times. There is no "day off" for them. 

If you truly value your memories than investing in a photographer should be a no-brainer. Because that's what it is, an investment. I invest my time with you and give you the best of me, trust I really do and vice versa. Your memories should be cherished for a lifetime and the quality should go along with it. If you truly don't care than why are you reading this? Seriously though, take the time to really think about your budget and what is important to you. I can't change the decisions of my past, but at least I'm filled with knowledge for my clients and myself. Ya know, just in case for marriage #2, just kidding Boo!


Pt. 2 Printing your Memories

In my personal life, I hate to admit it, but I am disorganized and a procrastinator. I could argue that the small rush of getting close to a deadline keeps me feeling a little more alive, but I won't go there. The one thing that I do stay on top of is printing my images that mean the most to me. What good are your images if they are hidden on a folder on your computer or the disc is thrown in the abyss of a drawer? Now, I'm talking about professional photos you've taken, not the summer vacation where you swam with the dolphins. You took the time to invest in a fabulous photographer, you should take the time to have the prints you want printed or have an album made. Like myself, a lot of photographers make it easy for you and offer online galleries to review and purchase and make custom albums for you. Take advantage and do it. Prints are from a professional lab, not the pharmacy down the street and the albums are to die for. That is why it cost more, the quality, durability and the professional look. Price is always an issue and yes, it is not cheap. If you've chosen a wonderful photographer, like myself, where you established a great relationship with, then I'm sure a payment plan could be arranged or buck up and ask Mom & Dad for a favor. Again, either way, it depends on what you want and value.


"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of 
low price is forgotten." ~ John Ruskin